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Birding the NCR trail

Last weekend hubby and I enjoyed a brisk walk along the NCR bike trail not far from our house. Usually in the afternoon I do not see many birds but on this outing we saw the Carolina Wren and was surprised to see about 10 Eastern Bluebirds flying fast over the trail and up the hill next to us. I missed getting photos of the beautiful bluebirds. The trail follows the Gunpowder River and is fast moving so only parts of it were frozen. 

These are some of the shots I took while on our walk and joining in on 2sweetnsaxy's meme Watery Wednesday and Susan's Outdoor Wednesday.

Carolina Wren  is a resident in the eastern half of the USA. Rufous colored upperparts and orange buff on its belly. It has a striking white eyebrow and a long bill.

Goldie Girl always enjoys our walks, I think sometimes she stops and looks around for the birds too.

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My favorite birds of 2010

I thought I would do a post showing my favorite bird sightings of 2010. They are not all lifers for me but just ones that I enjoyed seeing. I have to say most of the favorites were from my trip to Costa Rica. The Toucans were so cute.

Three different kind sof toucans in my mosaic are the Collared Aracari, Chestnut Mandbiled and the Keel Billed Toucan.

Parrots on the grounds at our Arenal hotel in Costal Rica
Another Costa Rica bird the Montezuma Oropendola,  very cool and different looking bird.

This Barred owl was not a lifer but it was cool sight to see it out in the open.

The Clapper Rail sighting was another favorite, I was excited to even see one out in the open they are very timid birds.
This Bombay Hook Blue Grosbeak was seen at Bombay Hook another one of my favorite birds. The Eastern Bluebirds nesting in my yard are always a treat to see.

 This Chincoteague Egret eating a snake was an amazing and cool sight to see

One of my all time favorite sightings is of the Little Blue …

Captive Birds or Wild

For this weeks Camera Critters I have some photos from my archives. These shots were taken at the Sealife park on Oahu, Hawaii. While looking thru my old photos I noticed I had taken some shots of birds before I was into birding. Now I need to id these birds. They have beaks similiar to the Brown Booby I saw while in the Caribbean. Since I saw them at the Sealife Park I am not sure if they are native birds to Hawaii or captive birds. Or maybe both captive and natve?  Anyone know?

I had help wiht the id of the two birds below...I am told they are the Masked Boobies. What a name!

Another critter seen at the Sealife park is the dolphin. I am sure these are dolphins from Pacific which are a little different than our Atlantic dolphin. I loved the dolphins but would much rather see them in the wild then in captivity.

These are my critters and to see more go and visit Misty Dawn's Camera Critters.

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Birding the mudflats

Following the lead of some posters to my listserve I was able to pick up a lifer- the Wilson'sSnipe at the Paper Mills Flats.

The mud flats is a great place for the birding, in the last month reports of a Golden Eagle and a Black headed Gull have been seen at the flats. I was thrilled to finally just to see my Wilson's Snipe. I have been wanting to see the Wilson's Snipe for years and the bird was always hard for me to find. On this day there were twelve of them together, great sighting for me. Sorry, my excitement over seeing the snipe might seem boring to some.

The Wilson's Snipe below they were a good distance away. But with my binoc's I was able to id them. Sorry, for the awful photo but since the Snipe is a lifer for me I just had too save it.

 The Wilson's Snipe has a very long straight and dark bill. Its head and back have bold patterns in pale yellow and brown and a stripe across and near its eye. It seems that mud flats anywhere are a big attraction …

Outside my window

For my Camera Critters these are some of my backyard birds seen from my dining room window. I like that I can see the birds from my window and not even have to go out in the cold. It has been really cold lately and we a had a little dusting of snow yesterday. My backyard birds seem to enjoy my feeders even more when there is snow on the ground.

What birds are in your yard today?

                             Carolina Chickadee

Tufted Titmouse

Male Cardinal

Below is another common visitor to my deck and bird feeders.

These are some of my backyard birds today.  To see more cute and wonderful critters go and visit Camera Critters
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Birding the Hemlock Gorge

On Sunday, hubby and I took a hike around the Hemlock Gorge. This area is known for its large beautiful hemlock trees. The river that flows thru the Hemlock Gorge ends up in the top part of our reservoir. During our loop drive back to our house we stop and took a look over the bridge that is when I spotted the Hooded Merganser couple. It was a quiet day for the birds. These Hooded Mergansers were the easiest birds for me to spot. Usually I see a kingfisher in this area but it was not there on Sunday.

  The Hemlock Gorge loop trail take us past an an old cemetary where the Hoffman family are buried. The Hoffmans were the first paper makers in the state of Maryland. Mr Hoffman died in 1811. I was told the small maker stones in front are actually makers for the servants.

             The trail takes us along the river and the pretty hemlock trees.

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Birding Pea Island NWR

For my Camera Critters post  I have some shots of the birds and ducks I saw birding the Pea Island NWR in the Outer Banks. 

The Northern Shoveler and the Tricolored Heron were hanging out together.  The Northern Shoveler male has a green head, white breast, rusty sides and a spatulate bill.

This is not the greatest shot of the Northern Shovelers and the Tri Colored Heron, the sun was setting and the lighting was terrible.

The Pied-Billed Grebes were hanging out in the pond opposite of the Shovelers and Herons.  The Pied Billed Grebe is suppose to be shy and is known to sink out of sight when spotted but these guys stayed out in the open.

The American Coots were in the same pond as the Pied Billed Grebes. The Coots have whitish bills and swim around on ponds diving for aquatic vegetation.

This Pea Island NWR shot has various birds up close and lots more in the distance. The Egret, I believe is a Great Egret and there are some Cormorants on the Osprey nest.

On this little island we …