Lake Kissimmee State Park


Hubby and I have been visiting many of Florida's State Parks.  On this day we went on a day trip to Lake Kissimmee State Park near Lake Wales, Florida. This park opened in 1977 with over 5,ooo acres and borders Lake Kissimmee, Lake Rosalie and Lake Tiger.

We were greeted at the parking by a couple of Sandhill Cranes.

We hiked on a loop trail and a spur to Lake Kissimmee.

Some of the birds we saw and a spider on a web. I think the pretty yellow bird is the Prairie Warbler, Gray Catbird, Eastern Phoebe and a Northern Harrier.

It was a pretty sky with puffy white clouds here and there. Great day for a walk!

I love the moss covered trees, the sunlight and shadows.

I am sure I will be back sharing another great Florida park. For now I hope you enjoyed this walk.

"A thankful heart is a happy heart."

My list of thankful things:
I am thankful for all the Florida State Parks.
I am thankful for warm sunny days.
I am thankful for time, especially the time you spent here with me.

I hope you enjoyed my post and photos. Thank you for your visit and comments on my post. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

Thanks to Michelle for the meme Thankful Thursday

I am also linking up to Skywatch Friday, I hope to see you there.
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✿ chica said…
Lindo lago e tudo que tem por lá! Belas tuas fotos! bjs, chica
jandi said…
Pretty creatures! Yes, a thankful heart is a happy heart! Have a beautiful day!
What a wonderul place to walk around an thanks for sharing all thise beautiful birds and scenery. I loved the Cranes best.
Lindas e belas fotografias, gostei de ver.
Um abraço e continuação de boa semana.
Andarilhar || Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa || Livros-Autografados
rupam sarma said…
Helloo, Loved the post. Beautiful photos.
Sandra said…
what a gorgeous place and not that far from home. love that first shot and the moss covered trees
I'm thankful of the same things :)
Christine said…
Hello Eileen! These are such pretty photos of the wonders in Floridas state parks! I loved the wee yellow warbler! Great sky shot too!
Have a wonderful day!
Jeevan said…
Superb captures from the trail and nice collage making on critters, lake and pastures. Love the little fishing man and cat beside :)
Cloudia said…
you share the BEST stuff, E!
Your thankful list could be mine today! What a beautiful winter we've had to enjoy our State Parks. I love the Sandhill Cranes. They are fun to spot in the fields around here. Enjoy your day. Hugs, Diane
Great shot of the handbill crane! The moss covered trees are beautiful.

Have a great weekend Eileen,
Giga said…
Beautiful bird in a red cap was welcomed. The joy was to look at all the birds and amazing tree. Regards.
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari om
Such beauty is a salve to the eye and heart! YAM xx
Dee said…
Beautiful photos!

Sandhill cranes are wonderful birds.
magnoliasntea said…
Lovely bird photos! I enjoyed touring the park with you.
Have a great day!
Tom said…
...I always enjoy moss covered trees.
Wonderful photos! Love the draped tree! And that cute little fisherman! :-) Hope you are having a great week.
The sandhill crane is very majestic and I love the little yellow warbler peeking through the branches!
Linda said…
Lovely series, Eileen! I saw a documentary about the Sandhill Crane a few years ago, and they are fascinating, beautiful and intelligent birds! Majestic, too!

Beautiful photos!

The Sandhill Cranes are so pretty.

Happy Thursday!
Sandi said…
A thankful heart is a happy heart. So true!

Love the trees in this. Is that kudzu?

Bob Bushell said…
Thanks Eileen, I am in love the Crane, special.
RedPat said…
I enjoyed spending time here today, Eileen!
happyone said…
Wonderful shots. You get pictures of the most unusual birds.
Love that fisherman on the pier.
Cat Lover said…
Lovely photos! I love the Sandhill Cranes. So interesting looking.
Have a good weekend!
Jim said…
Great shots.
amo sin blogg said…
Such beautiful photos you always show us.
You are clever !!

Happy weekend from Anne-Mari
Nancy J said…
Moss trailing down, and then a farewell wave in the shadows. Beauty everywhere there.
The spanish moss makes for such an interesting photo!! Have a great weekend ahead.
Dianna said…
I enjoyed my time with you viewing the birds and the rest of nature. I love your pictures...and your list of things you are thankful for.
The Yum List said…
What a fabulous tree!
Martin Kloess said…
I enjoyed this walk very much. I am thankful for the beautiful picture from you.
Missy George said…
Great shots of the cranes and the Spanish moss..Enjoy your weekend.
Debbie said…
i really like the moss covered trees...they are graceful and beautiful!! how nice that the sandhill cranes are so friendly, i like the pretty patch of red!!!
krishna said…
So beautiful.. those cranes are fabulous..
Michelle said…
Eileen, you visit the best places. Love the Sandhill Cranes. The scenery here is just beautiful and it looks so warm!
Liz said…
It certainly looks like a fabulous place to hike!!
Felicia said…
i like the spanish moss on those trees too. I'm glad you're enjoying your winter in Florida.
The sandhill cranes are amazing! I believe they wil be migrating north again soon.
Linda W. said…
That huge moss covered tree is magnificent! Looks like lots of great birds too.
Lady Fi said…
You live in an amazing place! Those cranes are so elegant.
Wandering Wren said…
Coo-ee here I am I'm waving at your shadow, at least I hope that's your shadow, otherwise I'll look a right plonker!
Love the fisherman and his dog, what a cute idea!
Happy weekend
Wren x
Lynn said…
Lovely images of Lake Kissimmee! I adore the wildlife in that area. And those shadows are pretty cool, too!
Janet said…
What a beautiful and WARM place to spend some time!
Lovely series of photos!
Sussi said…
wonderful photos!
What an exhilarating walk this must have been. You really captured a magnificent photo of the moss glistening in that tree. Love the fisherman on the dock. Beautiful Sandhill Cranes. Have a wonderful weekend, Eileen, and thank you for visiting my blog.
Hi Eileen,
the cranes are always a sign of spring for me. That makes me happy !
Best regards, Synnöve
Photo Cache said…
Love looking at moss covered trees.

Worth a Thousand Words
Noushka said…
What a gorgeous place, Eileen!
Lovely photos of trees and birds :)
Kissimmee rings a bell, I am pretty sure I've there once!
Keep well and enjoy your we :)
Mildred said…
So thankful that you and your husband enjoy visiting these pretty areas and share with us. Have a nice weekend.
My oh my! What a lovely walk.
Those Sandhill Cranes are amazing I love the colour red on their faces.

Lovely mosaics too.

Good wishes for the weekend

All the best Jan
Our photos said…
Wow, that is a nice place ! I love the moss covered tree !
It is those moss covered trees in the third shot and later on that just amaze me, while I love the bird ones as well...but the trees are magical :)
Lois said…
Beautiful photos! We do have some wonderful parks here in Florida.
Denise inVA said…
The bird life in Florida is amazing. Great shots Eileen and have a great weekend.
Fabulous pics. I do love the Northern Harrier one of my favorite raptors always flying low over our pastures
thomas said…
Looks like a fun day at the park
Klara S said…
I love light and shadows in two first pictures. Great shots.
Linda Gross said…
It looks like a good day at the park. You captured great photographs.
Rose said…
Oh, Eileen...fantastic shots of the Sandhill cranes...would love to be there even just for a while to see all this for myself.
Irene said…
A great collection ... love the clear (almost) blue sky and the green. So different from my scenery right now (all white and cold).

Happy week ahead!

Lynne said…
Great pics "happy heart!"
Those were quite the greeters! I had no idea this was in Kissimmee, we've just driven through it on the way to somewhere else or back ... you guys are doing great searching out all of the State Parks. That fisherman looks a little stiff!
So many great pictures! Your blog is just lovely...
Have a happy weekend!

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